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Full Spectrum Training Services

Program design

A 4-week training block customized specifically for your training goals. This includes a consultation and a session with one of our trainers to ensure you understand your program.

Personal training

The fastest way to see improvement is with focused individualized attention. Our professional training staff will design a customized program based on your unique training goals.    

Group training

Group training is a cost effective way to reach your fitness goals. Training with your peers provides motivation and accountability, while keeping your costs low. Pricing is based on the number of trainees per group.

Team training

This is an excellent way to improve your player’s athleticism, build team camaraderie and help prevent injuries. Pricing is based on number of sessions per week and number of athletes attending.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We believe proper testing is a vital aspect in program design. We offer a wide variety of tests to assess your current abilities to help determine what areas to develop. Please call for more information.


A strong core and mobile hips are the keys to looking and feeling good. Pilates is an excellent method to improve these important areas. We offer private individual training as well as small group classes in both the mat and the reformer.


Boot camp style classes are available for fat loss and functional fitness training.
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